tos-deluge(1) Management tool for Deluge T2


tos-deluge device baudrate <-p|-r|-d|-e|-s> image_number

tos-deluge device baudrate -i image_number tos_image.xml


tos-deluge is the management tool for Deluge T2. The available operations are:


Any device accepted by PySerial. Examples:
  • /dev/ttyUSB0
  • COM10
  • 11

Three shortcuts are available: micaz and iris for 57600 and telosb for 115200.
A integer number. 0 is the first image.


-p, --ping
This command is useful for checking the status of program images on a mote. It provides information such as program name, compile time, size of the image, and so on.
-i, --inject
This command creates a program image from the supplied tos_image.xml file, and it injects the image into specified volume on the mote.
-r, --reprogram
This command sets up the directly-connected mote to reprogram itself after reboot, and then it reboots the mote.
-d, --disseminate
This command instructs the base station mote to disseminate an image to the network. This image is specified by the volume ID.
-dr, --disseminate-and-reprogram
This command asks the motes in the network not only to disseminate an image but also to start running it. This is accomplish using a reboot.
-e, --erase
This command erases a flash volume on the base station mote.
-s, --stop
The effect of -d and -dr is continuous which means a new mote will become infected if he is nearby. This command stops the infection.
-ls, --local-stop
When -d or -dr are in effect, the volume used by them is locked. This command can be used to unlock the volume in order to erase or inject a new image.