towitoko-tester(1) Towitoko driver CT-API interface tester tool




towitoko-tester is a simple tool that allows executing some simple commands on a smartcard using a Towitoko smartcard reader. It can be used to test that a smartcard can be properly recognized, and that it can be read and written.

The tool provides a text based menu interface. Commands that can be executed via the menu depends on the reader card insertion status and the type of card inserted. For memory cards it permits reading and writing data bytes, checking and changing the PIN. For processor cards it permits selecting, reading and updating binary card files.

Several readers on different ports can be used at a time. The text menu allows opening, closing and changing current port. The smartcard can be inserted and removed from any initialized reader at any time. The tool will automatically detect when the card is inserted and removed, and will update the information shown in the menu. However you must refresh the menu to see any change reflected.

If you have installed pcscd package, and have configured your reader to be used by pscsd, you'll need to stop the pcsc daemon before initializing the reader with towitoko-tester.


This manual page was written by Carlos Prados <[email protected]>.