tptp2dfg(1) transforms DFG files into TPTP files


tptp2dfg [-include] <input-file> <output-file>


tptp2dfg is a program which converts a problem input file in TPTP format into a problem input file in DFG format. The TPTP problem format is used by the TPTP library of test problems for automated theorem proving, available at


tptp2dfg supports the following command line options.
This option enables the expansion of include directives in tptp files. If set all TPTP include directives in hte input-file are replaced by the respective file content during translation. If not set the TPTP include directives are translated into DFG include directives. Default is off.


Martin Suda and Christoph Weidenbach

Contact : [email protected]