trace-cmd-stat(1) show the status of the tracing (ftrace) system


trace-cmd stat


The trace-cmd(1) stat displays the various status of the tracing (ftrace) system. The status that it shows is:

Tracer: if one of the tracers (like function_graph) is active. Otherwise nothing is displayed.

Events: Lists the events that are enable.

Event filters: Shows any filters that are set for any events

Function filters: Shows any filters for the function tracers

Graph functions: Shows any functions that the function graph tracer should graph

Buffers: Shows the trace buffer size if they have been expanded. By default, tracing buffers are in a compressed format until they are used. If they are compressed, the buffer display will not be shown.

Trace clock: If the tracing clock is anything other than the default "local" it will be displayed.

Trace CPU mask: If not all available CPUs are in the tracing CPU mask, then the tracing CPU mask will be displayed.

Trace max latency: Shows the value of the trace max latency if it is other than zero.

Kprobes: Shows any kprobes that are defined for tracing.

Uprobes: Shows any uprobes that are defined for tracing.


Written by Steven Rostedt, <m[blue][email protected]m[][1]>




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