traceroute(1) Trace the route to a host


traceroute [OPTION...] HOST


Print the route packets trace to network host.
-f, --first-hop=NUM
Set initial hop distance, that is the time-to-live.
-g, --gateways=GATES
List of gateways for loose source routing.
-I, --icmp
Use ICMP ECHO as probe.
-m, --max-hop=NUM
Set maximal hop count (default is 64).
-M, --type=METHOD
Use METHOD (icmp or udp) for traceroute operations, defaulting to udp.
-p, --port=PORT
Use destination PORT port (default is 33434).
-q, --tries=NUM
Send NUM probe packets per hop (default is 3).
Resolve hostnames.
-t, --tos=NUM
Set type of service (TOS) to NUM.
-w, --wait=NUM
Wait NUM seconds for response (default is 3).
-?, --help
Give this help list.
Give a short usage message.
-V, --version
Print program version.