trackgen(6) Terrain generator for tracks


trackgen -c category -n name [-a] [-m] [-s] [-S] [-E <n> [-H <nb>]]


This manual describes the Ac3d compiler application that is shipped with the game TORCS.


-c category
track category (road, oval, dirt...)
-n name
track name
draw bump track
Don't use terrain border (relief supplied int clockwise, ext CC)
draw all (default is track only)
split the track and the terrain
split all
-E <n>
save elevation file n
0: all elevatation files
1: elevation file of terrain + track
2: elevation file of terrain with track white
3: track only
4: track elevations with height steps
-H <nb>
nb of height steps for 4th elevation file [30]


This manual page was writen by Rudy Godoy <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).