tragesym(1) create gEDA symbols from structured textfiles


tragesym sourcefile symbolfile


tragesym creates gschem symbols from structured textfiles.

tragesym can:

  • create pins and arrange their elements (clocksign, dot, type, pinnumber, label);
  • sort pins alphabetical and numerical;
  • swap words of pinlabels if wished;
  • draw negation lines on the labels (since version 0.0.9, gschem will do that);
  • rotate pinlabels if wished;
  • do some syntax check to the input file.

tragesym requires python.


There is a tutorial on the use of tragesym at:


Werner Hoch <[email protected]>


Copyright © 1999-2011 gEDA Contributors.  License GPLv2+: GNU GPL
version 2 or later.  Please see the `COPYING' file included with this
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There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.