tralics(1) a LaTeX to XML converter


tralics [options] source


A program for converting LaTeX source into parsable XML files

source is the name of the source file,

(with or without a extension .tex), and may not start with a hyphen


All options start with a single or double hyphen, they are:

-verbose: Prints much more things in the log file
-silent: Prints less information on the terminal
-input_file FILE: translates file FILE
-type FOO: Uses FOO instead of the \documentclass value
-dir RADIR: indicates where the sources are located
-confdir : indicates where the configuration files are located
-noxmlerror: no XML element is generated in case of error
-interactivemath: reads from the terminal, and prints math formulas on the terminal
-config FILE: use FILE instead of default configuration file
-noconfig: no configuration file is used
-utf8: says that the source is encoded in utf8 instead of latin1
-latin1: overrides -utf8
-utf8output: same as -oe8
-oe8, -oe1, -oe8a -oe1a: specifies output encoding
-te8, -te1, -te8a -te1a: terminal and transcript encoding
-(no)trivialmath: special math hacking
-(no)etex: enable or disable e-TeX extensions
-nozerowidthelt: Use &#x200B; rather than <zws/>
-nozerowidthspace: no special &#x200B; or <zws/> inserted
-noentnames: result contains &#A0; rather than &nbsp;
-entnames=true/false: says whether or not you want &nbsp;
-noundefmac: alternate XML output for undefined commands
-nomathml: this disables mathml mode
-nostraightquotes: same as right_quote=B4
-left_quote=2018: sets translation of ` to char U+2018
-right_quote=2019: sets translation of ' to char U+2019
-param foo bar: adds foo="bar" to the configuratin file
-usequotes: double quote gives two single quotes
-nobibyearerror: no error for wrong years in bib for raweb
-nobibyearmodify: no hack for wrong years in bib for raweb
-external_prog PGM: uses PGM instead of for raweb
-shell-escape: enable \write18{SHELL COMMAND}
-tpa_status = title/all: translate all document or title only
-distinguish_refer_in_rabib= true/false: special raweb hack
-compatibility: keeps compatibility with older versions
-default_class=xx: use xx.clt if current class is unknown
-(no)math_variant: for <mi mathvariant='script'>X</mi>
-check: (obsolete RAweb option)
-debug: (raweb option) do not stop on the first error
-ps: (raweb) generates PostScript instead of XML
-xml -xmlfo -xmltex -xmlhtml -xmllint -xmlall: raweb options