transmission-create(1) command-line utility to create .torrent files


-words [-h ] [-p ] [-o file ] [-c comment ] [-t tracker ] [-s piece-size-KiB ] [source file or directory ]


creates BitTorrent .torrent files from the command line


-h --help
Show a short help page and exit.
-o --outfile
Save the generated .torrent to this filename.
-p --private
Flag the torrent as intended for use on private trackers.
-c --comment
Add a comment to the torrent file.
-s --piecesize
Set how many KiB each piece should be, overriding the preferred default
-t --tracker
Add a tracker's announce URL to the .torrent. Most torrents will have at least one announce URL. To add more than one, use this option multiple times.


An -nosplit An Jordan Lee