trbdf(1) convert BDF-font from one encoding to other


trbdf -C | -l | -h

trbdf [-s] [-f input-codeset ] [-t output-codeset ] [--foundry[=] new-foundry ] BDF-font


trbdf is a program for translation of BDF fonts from one encoding to other. One exciting feature of trbdf is that it tries to approximate the symbols that miss from the font or from the encoding of the font with existing symbols when possible.

If the option -s or --gen-script is given trbdf will generate an awk(1) script for translation of BDF-fonts for fixed combination of input-codeset and output-codeset This is useful for faster convertion of many files. This script is used as filter.

If none of -C, -s, -l, -h and their equivalents is given the BDF-font will be read assuming it is coded with codeset input-codeset On standard output it will be recoded so to use codeset output-codeset Both input-codeset and output-codeset are case insensitive and default to `cp1251'.


-C, --copyright
Display copying conditions and warranty information.
-s, --gen-script
Generates conversion script for given input and output encodings instead to convert BDF-font. This option is usefull if you have to convert many fonts. The generated script expects the input font from its standard input and outputs the converted font.
-l, --list
List all known codesets.
-h, --help
Display this help and exit.
-f input-codeset, --from[=]input-codeset
Codeset of the source font.
-f output-codeset, --to[=]output-codeset
Codeset of the generated font.
Use this option if you want to change the foundry of the generated fonts.


Anton Zinoviev <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>