trev(1) opening trace files (part of staden package)


trev [-{ABI,ALF,EXP,SCF,PLN,Any}] [-edits value] [-editscf] [-xmag value] [-ymag value] [-restrict] [tracefilename ...]


Trace files can be opened either on the command line or from within Trev. In both cases it is possible to open several traces at once. In this case trev will add Next File, Previous File and Goto File buttons to allow quick navigation between traces. On the command line, this is simply done by specifying several files. With the "Open" dialogue from within trev multiple files may be selected by dragging with the left mouse button or using shift+left button and control+left button to extend regions or to toggle loading of individual files.


Specify input format (def. any)
... " ...
Allow writing back to SCF, ZTR, CTF
Synonym for -write_scf
-xmag scale
X magnification (def. 150)
-ymag scale
Y magnification (def. 10)
Set max-trace-value (def. 0 => auto)
-fofn fn
Load files from "fn"
Used from old pregap
Used from pregap4
Force end of argument list