tribler(1) towards an anonymous video streaming client




Tribler is a Bittorrent-based video streaming client. You can watch video files, while you are still downloading them. It relies on VLC for playback of videos. Tribler also includes fast keyword search and thumbnail-based navigation. Tribler does not require websites or any central server to find and watch interesting content.

This version of Tribler automatically downloads a single 50MByte test file using our new anonymous mode. Downloading all content using anonymous mode is not yet supported, it will be included in the next release. Tribler now includes support for a subset of the TOR onion routing protocol. This TOR subset provides anonymous downloads with multiple layers of encryption and relaying through other peers. Tribler joins a modified TOR network automatically upon startup. This custom network is enhanced to allow everyone to function as a relay. Our custom network is focussed on supporting the high bitrates required for HD video streaming and it is not compatible with normal TOR. Unlike the original TOR network it is UDP-based, does not rely on any central server and supports NAT puncturing. This means it is not as safe and secure, please do not get yourself in danger.

Tribler aims to combine the ease of with the performance of peer-to-peer. Tribler is backwards compatible with Bittorrent. To discover interesting content every user has the ability to create a channel of Bittorrent swarms. Voting on channels is used to reduce spam and allow the quick discovery of interesting content. Each channel is equiped with a commenting section. Tribler periodically makes connections to various peers to discover new swarms, channels and votes.



The Python installation files.
Personal public key using elliptic-curve cryptography.
Various SQLite databases for storing public keys of encountered peers, metadata of discovered torrents, channels of torrents and votes on channels.
Default location of downloads and streaming videos.


The Tribler Team, Delft University of Technology (