troff2html(1) convert troff documents to Hypertext Markup Language


troff2html [ options ] file ... ]


troff2html converts files written in the troff input language and converts them to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It works by running the input files through troffcvt and then through tc2html and tc2html-toc.

troff2html understands the usual troffcvt options. It also understands the additional options listed below:

Enable debugging output.
Cause tc2html to echo token information to stderr as tokens are read from troffcvt.
No execution. Just show the commands that troff2html would execute to process the document.
Don't run the postprocessors (tc2html and tc2html-toc). The output from troff2html will be in the troffcvt output language.
-T title
Specify a title for the document. This can be used for documents that do not contain any recognizable title. If the document does contain a title, it is overridden.


Paul DuBois, [email protected] .


troff2html uses a set of special macros that tell troffcvt how to generate tc2html-specific output that tc2html uses to recognize HTML structural elements. These macros do not work in compatibility mode.