tsk_comparedir(1) compare the contents of a directory with the contents of an image or local device.


tsk_comparedir [-vV] [-n start_inum ] [ -f fstype ] [ -i imgtype ] [ -b dev_sector_size ] [ -o sector_offset ] image [images] comparison_directory


tsk_comparedir compares the contents of image to the contents of comparison_directory. This can be useful for detecting rootkits and when testing. Rootkits can be detected by comparing the contents of a local directory and a local raw device. The rootkits typically don't hide data when it is read directly from the raw device.

The arguments are as follows:

-o sector_offset
Sector offset for a partition in the image or device to compare with.
-n start_inum
Starting inum for a directory in the image to start the comparison at.
verbose output to stderr
Print version
-f fstype
Specify the file system type. Use '-f list' to list the supported file system types. If not given, autodetection methods are used.
-i imgtype
The format of the image file, such as raw. Use '-i list' to list the supported types. If not given, autodetection methods are used.
-b dev_sector_size
The size (in bytes) of the device sectors. If not given, autodetection methods are used.
image [images]
The disk or partition image to read, whose format is given with '-i'. Multiple image file names can be given if the image is split into multiple segments. If only one image file is given, and its name is the first in a sequence (e.g., as indicated by ending in '.001'), subsequent image segments will be included automatically.


To compare the directories in image.dd to those in directory:

        # tsk_comparedir ./image.dd ./directory


Brian Carrier <carrier at sleuthkit dot org>

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