tsnullshaper(1) tool from openCaster suite


Usage: tsnullshaper input.ts [b:packets_buffer] +file1.ts +file2.ts +file3.ts ... t:1000 filex.ts ... s: ip.ts parameter '+file.ts' replace null packets from input.ts with packets from another file.ts
 't:m_secs file.ts' replace a null packet from input.ts with a packet from file.ts every m_secs milliseconds of REAL TIME, this packet has priority on +file.ts packets
 's:file.ts' try to read from the file.ts, if fails move to next
 'b:packets_buffer' sets how many packets to use for buffering It was chosen to use REAL TIME instead of PCR LOGICAL TIME so it was possibile to manage TS without PCR This suits anyway PSI insertion case that is not so time strict