tttprobe(1) A probe to collect local traffic-data and send it to a remote instance of tttview


ttt [-interface device] [-interval ms] [-multicast] [-port dest_port] [-ttl time-to-live] [Destination]


tttprobe is the probe program in the ttt program suite. tttprobe locally collects traffic-data and sends it over a network to an instance of tttview.

To run tttview, it is not necessary to be "root".

The ttt program suite is yet another descendant of tcpdump but it is capable of real-time, graphical, local and remote traffic-monitoring. It won't replace tcpdump, rather, it helps you find out what to look into with tcpdump.


ttt [-interface device] [-interval ms] [-multicast] [-port dest_port] [-ttl time-to-live] [Destination]

-interface device
specifies the interface for packet capture. If not specified, the default interface is chosen.
-interval ms
Sets the interval in Milliseconds. If omitted, a interval of 1000 msec. is used as default.
Shorthand for the default multicast destination "".
-port dest_port
Specifies the udp port number on the remote host where the traffic-data should be sent to. If omitted, port 7288 is used as default.
-ttl time-to-live
Specifies the time-to-live for multicast. If omitted, 1 is used as default to restrict the multicast to the local subnet.
Specifies the remote host where the traffic-data should be sent to. Destination can be omitted only, if -multicast is specified. Destination can be a uni- or multicast address.


Remark: "hostA" is allways the host where traffic-data is collected with tttprobe and "hostB" is allways the host where the traffic-data is displayed with tttview.

point-to-point monitoring:

hostA: tttprobe hostB
hostB: tttview
hostA: tttprobe ip_of_hostB
hostB: tttview


when using the default multicast address:
hostA: tttprobe -multicast
hostB: tttview -multicast
this is equivalent to:
hostA: tttprobe
hostB: tttview -addr


tttprobe was written by Kenjiro Cho < [email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Thomas Scheffczyk <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).