tunapie(1) browse, record and launch Shoutcast and Icecast video and radio streams




Tunapie is a GUI based program for displaying Shoutcast or Icecast video and radio streams. It gives information about streams including bitrate, IP and current number of listeners. Streams can then be played using an appropriate media player, defined in preferences. Tunapie also allows recording streams to be recorded using streamripper. Recordings can be set to start and stop at specified times.


Tunapie does not have any command line options.


~/.tunapie/prefs - preferences file
~/.tunapie/radiolist - downloaded list of radio streams from Shoutcast
~/.tunapie/tvlist - downloaded list of video streams from Shoutcast
~/.tunapie/icecast - downloaded list of radio and video streams from xiph.org
~/.tunapie/streamripper/ - default directory for recording streams
/etc/tunapie.config - file contains 1 if adult setting has been selected


Tunapie was written by James Stone and released under the GNU general public license.