tv_augment(1) Augment XMLTV listings files with automatic and user-defined rules.


tv_augment [--rule <file>] [--config <file>]
           [--input <file>] [--output <file>]
           [--log <file>] [--nostats]
           [--debug <level>]

tv_augment [-r <file>] [-c <file>]
           [-i <file>] [-o <file>]
           [-l <file>] [-n]
           [-d <level>]


Augment an XMLTV xml file by applying corrections (``fixups'') to programmes matching defined criteria (``rules'').

Two types of rules are actioned: (i) automatic, (ii) user-defined.

Automatic rules use pre-programmed input and output to modify the input programmes. E.g. removing a ``title'' where it is repeated in a ``sub-title'' (e.g. ``Horizon'' / ``Horizon: Star Wars''), or trying to identify and extract series/episode numbers from the programme title, sub-title or description.

User-defined rules use the content of a ``rules'' file which allows programmes matching certain user-defined criteria to be corrected/enhanced with the user data supplied (e.g. adding/changing categories for all episodes of ``Horizon'', or fixing misspellings in titles, etc.)

(see ``perldoc -F'' for more detail)

--input FILE read from FILE rather than standard input.

--output FILE write to FILE rather than standard output.

--rule FILE file containing the user-defined rules.

--config FILE configuration file containing a list of which rules you want to run.

--nostats do not print the summary log of actions performed, or list of suggested fixups.

--log FILE output the stats to this FILE (default = augment.log).

--debug LEVEL print debug info to STDERR (debug level > 3 is not likely to be of much use (it generates a lot of output))


Geoff Westcott,, Dec. 2014.