tv_grab_re(1) Grab TV listings for Reunion Island (France).


To configure: tv_grab_re --configure [--config-file FILE] To grab channels listing: tv_grab_re --list-channels [--output FILE] To grab programmes listings: tv_grab_re [--output FILE] [--offset N] [--days N] [--quiet] Slower, detailed grab: tv_grab_re --slow [--output FILE] [--offset N] [--days N] [--quiet] Help: tv_grab_fr --help


Output TV listings for Canal Satellite Reunion and Parabole Reunion channels available in Reunion Island. The data comes from for Canal Satellite Reunion and from for Parabole Reunion. The default is to grab listing only for the current day. By default program descriptions are not downloaded, so if you want description and credits, you should activate the --slow option. To grab listing for hertzian channels, select them in Canal Satellite Reunion grid.

--configure Grab channels informations and ask for channel type and names.

--output FILE Write to FILE rather than standard output.

--days N Grab N days, rather than only for the current day.

--offset N Start grabbing for N days in the future, eg offset 1 means start with tomorrow.

--slow Get additional information from the website, like program description and credits.

--quiet Suppress the progress messages normally written to standard error.

--version Show the version of the grabber.

--help Print a help message and exit.


Eric Castelnau, [email protected] Inspired by tv_grab_fr written by Sylvain Fabre, [email protected]