tvoe(1) TV over ethernet streaming


tvoe [-h] [-c config] [-f]


tvoe (TV over Ethernet streaming server) is a lightweight DVB-S/S2 network streaming software. It can serve many transponders on multiple tuners simultaneously and provides dynamic tuner allocation to the clients, giving you the possibility to add more stations to the channel list than the tuner configuration would be able to stream simultaneously.

tvoe is designed for a homogenous tuner configuration, i.e., if you are including DVB-S2-channels in your channel list, all configured tuners should be able to be S2-capable. Also, tvoe only supports S2API for tuner configuration. Some legacy systems and DVB-S1-only-drivers might not support S2API and thus cannot be used with tvoe.

tvoe uses the same format for channel lists as the zap(1) utility from dvb-tools. They can be easily generated using scan, wscan or other utilities supporting the zap file format. For example, to generate a channel list of all channels on Astra 19.2E (mostly relevant for central Europe), you can do

scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-s/Astra-19.2E > channels.conf

All channels listed in the channels.conf will be served by tvoe. If necessary, remove unused channels from the list before using it.

Next, adjust the example config file to match your tuner configuration. Make sure to set the correct path to the channel list. You can then start tvoe using tvoe -f CONFIGFILE

The streams can then be accessed via http://IP:CONFIGURED_PORT/by-sid/SID, where SID is the DVB service ID of the requested station (the second-last column in the channel specification in channels.conf). Additional URLs might be added in the future.


Display a short usage summary
-c config
Use the specified config
--p pidfile
Write process PID to given pidfile
(quiet) - don't write debug output to stdout when starting.
Start tvoe as a foreground process and disable forking to the background.


tvoe is written by Dominik Paulus, inspired by the classic getstream utility but designed for greater flexibility by not using a fixed transponder configuration.


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Dominik Paulus. License: ISC license.


At the moment, tvoe only supports S2API, even for normal DVB-S-streams.