twlog(1) Amateur radio logging program




Twlog records basic Ham log information. It is used for day to day logging, not contesting. There is no dup checking and contest related things like that. My keyboard is where my logbook use to be, so why not use the computer to log QSOs!

   The interface can be customized without re-compiling.  A resource file allows you to modify the menus for the bands, modes, etc. that you use.

   Most of the log entries can be made with a button press or a single key stroke. It records the date, start and end times, call sign, band, mode, power, and signal reports. There is also a field for general notes.

   A second window allows you to search and edit the log file, and a  third widow provides online help. The help file can also be view with any unix command or editor at any time.


   The main interface has a data entry form and a menu bar.  The data entry form holds log information for one QSO. Most data can be entered with a button press or a key stroke. The File button on the menu bar lets you perform operations on the log file, like append the data entry form to the log, edit, print the log, etc. A Help button on the menu bar brings up a window with online help.


The application defaults file is in /etc/X11/app-defaults.