twyt(1) Command line twitter client


twyt [options] twyt COMMAND [options] [...]


This manual page documents briefly the twyt command.

twyt is a command line Twitter client which allows you to update your Twitter status, retrieve the different timelines that Twitter offers and generally keep up with what your friends are tweeting about.

Use the --help (or -h) option with any form of the command to get some usage hints and details of accepted options.

Use the --version option with any form of the command to make twyt print its version.


user [options] (set|unset)
allows you to save your account details in twyt's config file so that you don't need to enter your password when running twyt commands which require authentication. You can set many accounts and then choose one as the default using the -u (or --user) and -d (or --default) options. The -l (--list) option makes twyt list your saved accounts.
namecache [options]
Access and manipulate the name cache. This can be used in, for example, tab completion scripts.
iplimit and accountlimit
These commands retrieve the status of your Twitter rate limit. Although these commands make API requests, they are not affected by the rate limiting. The account limit status is impacted by authenticated actions, such as tweeting (tweet), and the ip limit status is affected by unauthenticated actions, such as retrieving the public timeline (publictl).


tweet [options] MESSAGE...
sends a tweet to Twitter. In other words it updates your twitter status to MESSAGE.

MESSAGE can also be supplied on stdin, i.e. using pipes or redirection. In this case, the MESSAGE argument is ignored and stdin is used in preference.

sing [options] MESSAGE...
Similar to `tweet'. Wraps the message in musical notes (silly, yet convenient).
delete [options] ID
deletes the status message matching the numerical ID.
publictl [options]
shows new status messages (max 20) in the public timeline.
friendstl [options]
shows new status messages (max 20) in your friends timeline.
usertl [options] [USERNAME]
shows your, or another person's, timeline.
replies [options]
lists statuses which are replies to you (statuses with @yourusername in them)
show ID
shows a single status message whose id matches ID.


direct [options] RECIPIENT MESSAGE...
sends a direct message to RECIPIENT.
directtl [options]
shows up to 20 direct messages sent to you.
directsent [options]
shows up to 20 direct messages sent by you.
directdel [options] ID
deletes a direct message that was sent to you. The directtl command is handy for finding out IDs.


twyt is maintained by Andrew Price <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Andrew Price <[email protected]>.