txt2gtab-phrase(1) gcin's phrase builder for table-based input methods


txt2gtab-phrase textfile gtab outfile


txt2gtab-phrase is a tool to generate input method table for specific phrases.

By inputing line-delimited phrases and a input method gtab file, it generates a input method table for the phrases according to the gtab file.


Provide that we have a list named list.txt below:


and a CJ543 input method table provided with gcin. By running:

txt2gtab-phrase list.txt cj543.gtab output.gtab

We have the result output.gtab below:

!!!!gtab-keys 6 5 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz',.;/[]()~!:
心情好 p pqb vnd 0
心情好 p pqmb vnd 0
我是個好人 hqi amo owjr vnd o 0
我是個好人 hqi amyo owjr vnd o 0
我是個好人 hqi amo owr vnd o 0
我是個好人 hqi amyo owr vnd o 0


txt2gtab-phrase is written by Edward Der-Hua Liu <[email protected]>.