tzxlist(1) Sinclair ZX Spectrum real tape file lister


tzxlist [OPTION] tapefile...


tzxlist outputs a description of the contents of TZX, TAP, PZX and Warajevo TAP tape files.

On supported systems it attempts to handle conversions of the de-facto standard TZX Windows-1252 character encoding to the charset used on the current system. If a problem with conversion is encountered any applicable strings will be output as-is.


-d block number
The block number specified will be dumped to files: the header (.hdr), the data (.dat) and a description (.dsc). The former two are binary files and the latter is a text file. Set -1 for all blocks.
-h, --help
give brief usage help, listing available options.
-V, --version
output version information.
specifies a tape file whose contents are to be listed.


None known.


Philip Kendall ([email protected]).

Darren Salt wrote this man page.