uci2wb(6) Protocol adapter for UCI dialects to XBoard


uci2wb [debug] [-c|-s|-x] engine [directory]


uci2wb is a protocol adapter, i.e. it can be used to run AI plugins ('engines') that communicate in one protocol in a GUI that communicates in another. In this case uci2wb can make appear the engine specified in its argument, which must use a protocol similar to UCI ('Universal Chess Interface'), to the GUI as an engine using XBoard protocol ('Chess Engine Communication Protocol', CECP).

The protocols for which it can mediate are UCI (both the official standard, as well as the 'Cyclone dialect' that is commonly used by Chinese-Chess engines), USI ('Universal Shogi Interface', used by some Shogi engines) and UCCI ('Universal Chinese-Chess Interface'). When set to UCI, it automatically uses Cyclone dialect when playing xiangqi games.


-c -s -x
The flag arguments -c (default), -s or -x set uci2wb to use UCI, USI or UCCI, respectively. If there is more than one character in the flag argument, all characters but the first are ignored. This can be used by passing uci2wb the full variant name ('shogi' or 'xiangqi') as a flag, to make it automatically choose the appropriate protocol (USI or UCCI).
Makes uci2wb report to the GUI everything it receives from the engine, as a CECP engine comment (i.e. prefixed with '#'). This would make it appear in the GUI's log of the engine communication. Some critical commands it sends to the engine (such as the 'position-moves' and 'go' commands) will be reported as well.
If a directory is specified, the engine is started with that directory set as current directory.


At http://hgm.nubati.net/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi the source code can be obtained.


H.G.Muller <[email protected]>.

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