ucspi-proxy(1) Copy data between a UCSPI client and server


ucspi-proxy [ -v ] [ -t TIMEOUT ] [ HOST PORT ]


This program is a simple loop copying data from a UCSPI server (file descriptor 0) to a client, and from a client to a server (FD 1). If either socket closes, ucspi-proxy exits. The other ucspi-proxy-* programs are based on this simple loop and have similar usage.

If HOST and PORT are given on the command line, ucspi-proxy will make a TCP connection with the given parameters. If neither are present, ucspi-proxy will use file descriptor 6 for the client socket, as provided by UCSPI client programs.


The maximum length of lines (from either server or client) to copy to the log. Defaults to 64.
When making an connection, ucspi-proxy will wait a maximum of TIMEOUT seconds before giving up. Defaults to 30.
Print messages about errors and byte counts. Without this option, ucspi-proxy is silent.


Exits 0 if a normal end of file was reached on one of the sockets. Otherwise it exits 1.