ucxt(1) Ultima 7/8 usecode disassembler.


ucxt [OPTIONS] -a
prints all the functions
ucxt [OPTIONS] <hex_function_number>
disassembles a single function to stdout


Games supported by Exult (Ultima 7, for example) consist in large part of usecode. Exult basically implements a virtual machine the machine language of which is usecode.
The ucxt command allows you to disassemble usecode.


Misc Flags (any/all of these):
don't look for exult's .xml config file
turns on verbose output mode
output to the specified file
load the usecode file specified by the filename
output the raw opcodes in addition to the -f format
output automatically generated comments
output automatically generated 'useless' comments
only do 'basic' optimisations
output debugging information if present in usecode
convert function to ext32 format if not already
Game Specifier Flags (only one of these):
select the black gate usecode file
select the serpent isle usecode file
select the ultima 8/pagan usecode file (experimental)
Output Format Flags (only one of these):
output using brief "list" format
output using "assembler" format (default)
output using "exult script" format
output using "exult script" format
output using the translation table xml format
outputs all flags referenced in the usecode file sorted both by "flags within a function" and "functions using flag"