udevil(1) alternative storage media interface




udevil - alternative storage media interface udevil mounts and unmounts removable devices and network shares without requiring password (set suid), shows device information and monitors device changes. It includes the devmon automounting script.


udevil mount /dev/sdd1 udevil mount -o ro,noatime /dev/sdd1 udevil mount -o ro,noatime /dev/sdd1 /media/custom udevil mount /tmp/example.iso # ISO file udevil mount ftp://sys.domain # ftp site - requires curlftpfs or ftpfs udevil mount ftp://user:[email protected]/share # ftp share with user and password udevil mount ftp://user:p[email protected]:21/share # ftp share with port, user and password udevil mount -t ftpfs sys.domain # ftp site with ftpfs udevil mount -t curlftpfs sys.domain # ftp site with curl udevil mount -t curlftpfs user:[email protected] # ftp site with curl u/p udevil mount nfs://sys.domain:/share # nfs share udevil mount sys.domain:/share # nfs share udevil mount smb://sys.domain/share # samba share w/ cifs udevil mount smb://user:[email protected]:50/share # samba share w/ u/p/port udevil mount smb://WORKGROUP/[email protected] # samba share w/ workgroup udevil mount //sys.domain/share # samba share w/ cifs udevil mount //sys.domain/share -t smbfs # samba share w/ smbfs udevil mount ssh://[email protected] # sshfs with user - requires sshfs udevil mount -t sshfs [email protected] # sshfs with user udevil mount http://sys.domain/dav/ # WebDAV - requires davfs2 udevil mount tmpfs # make a ram drive WARNING !!! a password on the command line is UNSAFE - see filesystem docs
udevil umount /dev/sdd1
udevil umount /media/disk udevil umount -l /media/disk udevil umount /tmp/example.iso
udevil info /dev/sdd1
udevil monitor
udevil clean


--verbose print details --quiet minimal output


MOUNT - Mounts DEVICE to mount point DIR with MOUNT-OPTIONS:
udevil mount|--mount [MOUNT-OPTIONS] [[-b|--block-device] DEVICE] [DIR] MOUNT-OPTIONS: - |--types|--filesystem-type|--mount-fstype TYPE (see man mount) -o|--options|--mount-options OPT,... (see man mount) --no-user-interaction ignored (for compatibility)
udevil umount|unmount|--unmount|--umount [UNMOUNT-OPTIONS]
{[-b|--block-device] DEVICE}|DIR UNMOUNT-OPTIONS: -l lazy unmount (see man umount) -f force unmount (see man umount) --no-user-interaction ignored (for compatibility)
INFO - Show information about DEVICE emulating udisks v1 output:
udevil info|--show-info|--info [-b|--block-device] DEVICE
MONITOR - Display device events emulating udisks v1 output:
udevil monitor|--monitor
CLEAN - Remove unmounted udevil-created mount dirs in media dirs
udevil clean
HELP - Show this help
udevil help|--help|-h


This manual page was written by Mateusz Łukasik <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).