ufo2map(1) UFO: Alien Invasion map compiler


ufo2map <param1 <subparam1> <subparam2> <...>> <param2> <...> [map]


This is the UFO: AI map compiler.


General options:

-h --help
: print (this) help and exit
-nice <prio>
: priority level [unix nice level from -20 to 19 where 19 is the lowest priority]
: don't generate a footstep file
: generate two csv files describing the floors and walls found by the trace functions
-debugfile (TODO)
: generate a trace debug file. The client can load the file to highlight map obstructions
-stats --statistics
: print statistics and quit. may be used with -check or -fix
-v --verbosity <int>
: set verbosity. higher <int> gives more output if it is required, this should be the first option 0 - no stdout, 1 - only check/fix messages, 2 - (compile) only mapname 2 - (check/fix) mapname if findings, 4 - normal output, 5 - extra output, 6 - dump (a lot extra from BSPing)
-V --version
: return Version and Revision level
: generate a material (.mat) file, do not proceed to compilation

Lighting options:

: extra light samples
-nolighting TYPE
: don't perform the lighting calculations, where TYPE is one of day, night, all default is all
: lightquant - lightmap resolution downscale (e.g. 4 = 1 << 4) (values between 1 and 6)
: global light scale factor
: saturation factor (e.g. 1.5 - default is 1.0)
: contrast factor (e.g. 1.05, default is 1.0)
-t --threads
: thread amount

Binary space partitioning (BSPing) options:

-block <xl> <yl>
-blocks <xl> <yl> <xh> <yh>:
: subdivide brushes for better light effects (but higher polycount)
: surface light scaling (float value)
: entity light scaling (float value)
: don't treat details (and trans surfaces) as details
: print bsp file info
-micro <float>
: warn if a brush has a volume lower than the specified float.
brushes are tested after CSG.
: draw downward pointing faces. (so actors cannot see up through floors in first person view). default is to set SURF_NODRAW to downard faces.
: Add another game dir to the search directories
: skip detail brushes
: skip node face merging
: don't prune (or cut) nodes
: skip water brushes in compilation
: modify existing bsp file with entities from map file
: write lightmaps into tga images
: also be verbose about submodels (entities)

Mapping options:

These options operate on map file only. No bsp file is created. Output prefixed by an asterisk (*) indicates operations that would change the map file. -check : check source map, only print information. -fix : same subparameters as -check, changes the source map file.
subparameters for -check and -fix
: performs all checks and fixes. This is the default.
bru brushes
: includes 'lvl tex mfc mbr'. Performs all checks and fixes associated with brushes.
ent entities
: performs all checks and fixes associated with entities.
con contained
: checks for brushes contained entirely within other brushes. includes coincident duplicates.
isc intersection
: report intersection between optimisable brushes from worldspawn and func_group entities
this is not included in all or bru as it is not always a bad thing
mbr microbrush <float>
: test for brushes smaller than <float> unit^3. this is done without the csg
step, unlike the bsp -micro option. default 1 unit^3.
lvl levelflags
: if no levelflags for a brush or entity are set, all of them are set
flv filllevelflags
: ensure set levelflag bits are uninterrupted
ndr nodraws
: assigns SURF_NODRAW to hidden faces
tex textures
: warns when no texture or error texture is assigned.
ensures special textures and content/surface flags are consistent.
mfc mixedfacecontents
: ensures the contentflags are the same on each face of each brush.
zft zfighting
: intersecting brushes with a common face: prevent textures shimmering together