uhd_rx_nogui(1) GNU Radio receiver


uhd_rx_nogui.py [options]


Command line GNU Radio receiver that takes signal from a UHD peripheral receiver and sends demodulated audio to the sound device.


-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-a ARGS, --args=ARGS
UHD device address args , [default=]
Subdevice of UHD device where appropriate
select Rx Antenna where appropriate [default=none]
-f Hz, --frequency=Hz
set receive frequency to Hz [default=none]
-c Hz, --calibration=Hz
set frequency offset to Hz [default=0.0]
-g dB, --gain=dB
set RF gain [default is midpoint]
-m TYPE, --modulation=TYPE
set modulation type (AM,FM) [default=none]
-o RATE, --output-rate=RATE
set audio output rate to RATE [default=32000]
-r dB, --rf-squelch=dB
set RF squelch to dB [default=-50.0]
-p FREQ, --ctcss=FREQ
set CTCSS squelch to FREQ [default=none]
pcm device name. E.g., hw:0,0 or surround51 or /dev/dsp