umad_set_grh_net(3) set GRH fields within umad buffer using network ordering


#include <infiniband/umad.h>

int umad_set_grh_net(void *umad, void *mad_addr);


umad_set_grh_net() sets the GRH fields (grh_present, gid, hop_limit, traffic_class, flow_label) within the specified umad buffer based on the mad_addr supplied. The provided mad_addr fields are expected to be in network order. If the mad_addr pointer supplied is NULL, no GRH is set. The argument mad_addr is a pointer to an ib_mad_addr_t struct, as specified in <infiniband/umad.h>. The argument umad is a pointer to an ib_user_mad_t struct, as specified in <infiniband/umad.h>.

typedef struct ib_mad_addr {
uint32_t qpn;
uint32_t qkey;
uint16_t lid;
uint8_t  sl;
uint8_t  path_bits;
uint8_t  grh_present;
uint8_t  gid_index;
uint8_t  hop_limit;
uint8_t  traffic_class;
uint8_t  gid[16];
uint32_t flow_label;
} ib_mad_addr_t;
typedef struct ib_user_mad {
uint32_t agent_id;
uint32_t status;
uint32_t timeout_ms;
uint32_t retries;
uint32_t length;
ib_mad_addr_t addr;
uint8_t  data[0];
} ib_user_mad_t;


umad_set_grh_net() returns 0 on success, and a negative value on errors. Currently, there are no errors indicated.


Not implemented.


Hal Rosenstock <[email protected]>