uml_mconsole(1) attach to the management console of a user-mode Linux


uml_mconsole [socket] [command ...]


This manual page documents briefly the uml_mconsole command.

This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page.

uml_mconsole is a program to connect to the management console of a user-mode Linux kernel. The UML management console is a low-level interface to the kernel, somewhat like the i386 SysRq interface. Since there is a full-blown operating system under UML, there is much greater flexibility possible than with the SysRq mechanism.


The pathname of the socket to which to connect. This is printed when UML boots, for example:

mconsole initialized on /tmp/umlNJ32yL/mconsole 

In this example, you would start uml_mconsole like this:

uml_mconsole umlNJ32yL 

Any of the commands listed in the "COMMANDS" section.


Prints the UML version number.
Shuts down the UML system immediately, without syncing disks or cleanly shutting down swap space.
Reboots the UML system immediately, without syncing disks or cleanly shutting down swap space.
log string
Cause UML to log string to the kernel log.
Invokes the Control-Alt-Delete handler.
sysrq letter
Performs the SysRq action controlled by letter.
Pauses UML. UML will do nothing until the 'go' command is issued.
Resumes execution after a 'stop' command.
config device
Adds a new device to the virtual machine, or queries the configuration of an existing device. It takes one argument, which is either the device to add, with the same syntax as the kernel command line, or the name of an existing device. For example:

config ubd3=root_fs_debian22 

config ubd3 
OK root_fs_debian22 
Deletes a device from the virtual machine. Its argument is the name of the device to be removed. In the case of the ubd driver, the removed block device must not be mounted, swapped on, or otherwise open, and in the case of the network driver, the device must be down.

remove ubd3 


uml_mconsole was written by Jeff Dike and others.

This manual page was written by Matt Zimmerman [email protected] for the Debian GNU/Linux system, based on material in the UserModeLinux-HOWTO by Rusty Russell, and the uml_mconsole source code.