unibi_get_aliases(3) access the aliases of a terminal object

Other Alias



#include <unibilium.h>

const char **unibi_get_aliases(const unibi_term *ut);
void unibi_set_aliases(unibi_term *ut, const char **v);


"unibi_get_aliases" returns the list of aliases from ut; "unibi_set_aliases" sets it to v. The format of this list is like "argv": a null-terminated vector of strings.

The contents of this list come from the ('|'-separated) name section in terminfo entries. It's supposed to be a list of lowercase words or abbreviations that refer to this terminal, the first one being the most common name. The last part of the name section can be more verbose and is not stored in the aliases list; it can be accessed with "unibi_get_name".

Note that "unibi_set_aliases" simply stores the pointer it is given; it will not free v or make a copy of it (or any of the strings it points to).


"unibi_get_aliases" returns a pointer to a null-terminated vector of strings.