unicode::iconvert::convert_tocase(3) unicode uppercase, lowercase, and titlecase conversion


#include <courier-unicode.h>

std::string unicode::iconvert::convert_tocase(const std::string &text, const std::string &charset, unicode_char (*first_char_func)(unicode_char), unicode_char (*char_func)(unicode_char));
std::string unicode::iconvert::convert_tocase(const std::string &text, const std::string &charset, bool &err, unicode_char (*first_char_func)(unicode_char), unicode_char (*char_func)(unicode_char));


The overloaded unicode::convert::convert_tocase() function converts the text parameter, in the charset characters to lowercase, uppercase, and titlecase. text gets converted, internally, into unicode. first_char_func and char_func are either: unicode_lc, unicode_uc, or unicode_tc. If the converted text string is not empty, first_char_func converts the first unicode character in the text string, and char_func converts any remaining characters. unicode_lc converts its character to lowercase, unicode_uc to uppercase, and unicode_tc to titlecase. Finally, the unicode string gets converted back to charset, which gets returned.

The optional err parameter gets set to true if an error was encounted converting the text string to or from unicode.


Sam Varshavchik