unicode::iconvert::fromu(3) template for converting text sequence from unicode


#include <courier-unicode.h>

output_iter_t unicode::iconvert::fromu::convert(input_iter_t beg_iter, input_iter_t end_iter, const std::string &charset, output_iter_t output_iter, bool &errflag);
void unicode::iconvert::fromu::convert(input_iter_t beg_iter, input_iter_t end_iter, const std::string &charset, std::string &out_buf, bool &errflag);
std::pair<std::string, bool> unicode::iconvert::fromu::convert(const std::vector<unicode_char> &text, const std::string &charset);


These template functions convert unicode characters to text in the given character set. beg_iter and end_iter define an input sequence of unicode_chars. They get converted to unicode characters. output_iter is an output iterator that convert() iterates over chars in the specified character set. convert() returns the value of the output iterator after iterating over the converted character sequence. err_flag gets set to true if unicode text could not be converted to the requested character set, or false for a successful conversion.

An overloaded convert() puts the text string into a std::string, instead of using an output iterator. Finally, a single std::vector<unicode_char> specifies the character string, instead of a beginning and an ending iterator.


Sam Varshavchik