UNLISTEN(7) stop listening for a notification


UNLISTEN { channel | * }



The following description applies only to Postgres-XC

UNLISTEN statement works only locally to the issued node.

UNLISTEN is used to remove an existing registration for NOTIFY events. UNLISTEN cancels any existing registration of the current PostgreSQL session as a listener on the notification channel named channel. The special wildcard * cancels all listener registrations for the current session.

NOTIFY(7) contains a more extensive discussion of the use of LISTEN and NOTIFY.



Name of a notification channel (any identifier).


All current listen registrations for this session are cleared.


You can unlisten something you were not listening for; no warning or error will appear.

At the end of each session, UNLISTEN * is automatically executed.

A transaction that has executed UNLISTEN cannot be prepared for two-phase commit.


To make a registration:

LISTEN virtual;
NOTIFY virtual;
Asynchronous notification "virtual" received from server process with PID 8448.

Once UNLISTEN has been executed, further NOTIFY messages will be ignored:

UNLISTEN virtual;
NOTIFY virtual;
-- no NOTIFY event is received


There is no UNLISTEN command in the SQL standard.