update-cracklib(8) Regenerate cracklib dictionary




update-cracklib builds a compressed and accumulated version of wordlists stored in the directories given in cracklib's configuration file /etc/cracklib/cracklib.conf. Programs using cracklib2 need this database to be of any use.

By default this script is called by cron every day.


update-cracklib prints out two numbers: the number of words read from the ASCII dictionaries and the number of words eventually written into the cracklib database; if no error occurred, these should be equal.

0 is returned on success, otherwise an error message is printed to standard error and -1 is returned.


shell script that sets cracklib_dictpath_src which must be a space separated list of source dictionary files.


This program and manual page was written by Martin Pitt <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux System (but may be used by others).