update-rcconf-guide(8) Create default guide file for rcconf




Update-rcconf-guide creates the default guide file which rcconf uses.

Update-rcconf-guide searches the package names corresponding to each service file in /etc/init.d directory from dpkg info files(/var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list) and get the description of these packages using apt-cache. Update-rcconf-guide uses Short-Description in priority to the description if service files has Short-Description field. Update-rcconf-guide writes those results to /var/lib/rcconf/guide.default file.

You can write your own guide in user guide file(/var/lib/rcconf/guide) by hand. Rcconf refers Guides in /var/lib/rcconf/guide before those in /var/lib/rcconf/guide.default.

If you install some packages after executed update-rcconf-guide, you need to re-create this file using update-rcconf-guide so as to refresh guide.default that includes new guides for installed new services.

Notice: update-rcconf-guide was not executed when you installed rcconf


Guide File update-rcconf-guide generates.
Guide File user(Administrator) can define.


Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <[email protected]>