urlscan(1) browse the URLs in an email message from a terminal


urlscan [options] < message

urlscan [options] message


urlscan accepts a single email message on standard input, then displays a terminal-based list of the URLs in the given message. Selecting a URL uses the Python webbrowser module to determine which browser to open. The BROWSER environment variable will be used if it is set.

urlscan is primarily intended to be used with the mutt (1) mailreader, but it should work well with any terminal-based mail program.

urlscan is similar to urlview(1), but has the following additional features:

1. Support for more message encodings, such as quoted-printable and base64.

2. Extraction and display of the context surrounding each URL.


-c, --compact
Display a simple list of the extracted URLs, instead of showing the context of each URL.
-n, --no-browser
Disables the selection interface and print the links to standard output. Useful for scripting (implies --compact).


To integrate urlscan with mutt, include the following two commands in ~/.muttrc:

macro index,pager \cb "<pipe-message> urlscan<Enter>" "call urlscan to extract URLs out of a message"

macro attach,compose \cb "<pipe-entry> urlscan<Enter>" "call urlscan to extract URLs out of a message"

Once these lines are in your mutt configuration file, pressing Control-b will allow you to browse and open the URLs in the currently selected message.


This manual page was written by Daniel Burrows <[email protected]> and Scott Hansen <[email protected]>