usbip(8) manage USB/IP devices


usbip [options] <command> <args>


On a USB/IP server, devices can be listed, bound, and unbound using this program. On a USB/IP client, devices exported by USB/IP servers can be listed, attached and detached.


Print debugging information.

Log to syslog.

--tcp-port PORT
Connect to PORT on remote host (used for attach and list --remote).


Show version and exit.

help [command]
Print the program help message, or help on a specific command, and then exit.

attach --remote=<host> --busid=<bus_id>
Attach a remote USB device.

detach --port=<port>
Detach an imported USB device.

bind --busid=<busid>
Make a device exportable.

unbind --busid=<busid>
Stop exporting a device so it can be used by a local driver.

list --remote=<host>
List USB devices exported by a remote host.

list --local
List local USB devices.


    client:# usbip list --remote=server
        - List exportable usb devices on the server.

    client:# usbip attach --remote=server --busid=1-2
        - Connect the remote USB device.

    client:# usbip detach --port=0
        - Detach the usb device.