uuidgen(1) a universally unique identifier (UUID) generator for XPLC


uuidgen [ OPTION ] ...
uuidcdef [ OPTION ] ...


uuidgen generates a new universally unique identifier (UUID). This UUID can be assumed to be unique to any other UUIDs generated on the local system, as well as those created on any other systems, at any time in the past or future.

By default, uuidgen will try to generate a UUID with as much randomness as possible. It tries to pick out a high-quality randomness source. If it cannot find one, it will fall back on using a time-based algorithm.


-c, --cdef
Print the UUID as an initializer for a C structure, compatible with the type used by XPLC.

This is the default mode for uuidcdef.

-r, --random
Demand that the random-based algorithm be used to generate the UUID. This will prefer a high-quality randomness source, but may fall back on a low-entropy one.
-t, --time
Demand that the time-based algorithm be used to generate the UUID.
-u, --uuid
Print the UUID like: "26175a27-c35d-4615-8dfb-1509eab28ef8". This is the printf(3) format: "%08x-%04x-%04x-%04x-%012x".

This is the default mode for uuidgen.


Simon Law