vbbatch(1) run a command line multiple times with variable substitution


vbbatch <flag> ...


vbbatch is part of the VoxBo suite of tools for brain image analysis.

vbbatch allows you to run a command multiple times with some variable substitutions (typically replacing the token FILE with each of a set of filenames). The commands are then run in parallel. If a VoxBo cluster is detected, the jobs will be submitted to the cluster.



To run myscript.sh on all your subjects' Anatomy directories:
vbbatch -c "myscript.sh FILE" study*/sub*/Anatomy -r

To run myperms.sh 1000 times at low priority, with different output files:

vbbatch -c "myperms.sh results_IND.nii.gz" -d 1000 -r -p xnice


Pre-built VoxBo binaries are available for Linux, OSX, and Cygwin, and via the NeuroDebian project (neuro.debian.net) for Debian derivatives.


VoxBo is provided with no warranty whatsoever.


For an historical roster of the VoxBo development team, visit www.voxbo.org.