vboxwebsrv(1) x86 virtualization solution


vboxwebsrv [options]


Oracle VM VirtualBox web service (C) 2007-2013 Oracle Corporation All rights reserved.

Supported options (default values in brackets): --help, -h: Print this help message and exit. --background, -b: Run in background (daemon mode). --host, -H: The host to bind to (localhost). --port, -p: The port to bind to (18083). --ssl, -s: Enable SSL/TLS encryption. --keyfile, -K: Server key and certificate file, PEM format (""). --passwordfile, -a: File name for password to server key (""). --cacert, -c: CA certificate file, PEM format (""). --capath, -C: CA certificate path (""). --dhfile, -D: DH file name or DH key length in bits (""). --randfile, -r: File containing seed for random number generator (""). --timeout, -t: Session timeout in seconds; 0 = disable timeouts (300). --check-interval, -i: Frequency of timeout checks in seconds (5). --threads, -T: Maximum number of worker threads to run in parallel (100). --keepalive, -k: Maximum number of requests before a socket will be closed (100). --authentication, -A: Authentication method for the webservice (""). --verbose, -v: Be verbose. --pidfile, -P: Name of the PID file which is created when the daemon was started. --logfile, -F: Name of file to write log to (no file). --logrotate, -R: Number of log files (0 disables log rotation). --logsize, -S: Maximum size of a log file to trigger rotation (bytes). --loginterval, -I: Maximum time interval to trigger log rotation (seconds).