vbrename(1) rename/sort DICOM files heuristically


vbrename <dir>


vbrename is part of the VoxBo suite of tools for brain image analysis.

vbrename takes a directory containing DICOM files and sorts the files into separate directories for each series. The directories are renamed using the series and protocol, while the files are renamed using the instance, date, and time.

By default, vbrename tries to remove identifying data from each file by wiping out various fields, including all of groups 0010, 0012, 0032, and 0038, and any element with a VR of PN (person name). This is not guaranteed to be helpful or complete. For more de-identifying options, see dcmsplit(1). You can disable this behavior using the -n flag, in which case the files are renamed and moved around, but not otherwise modified.

To get a complete list of available flags, run the program with no arguments.


Pre-built VoxBo binaries are available for Linux, OSX, and Cygwin, and via the NeuroDebian project (neuro.debian.net) for Debian derivatives.


VoxBo is provided with no warranty whatsoever.


For an historical roster of the VoxBo development team, visit www.voxbo.org.