vcatobj(1) concatenate Vista data files


vcatobj [-option ...] [infile ...] [> outfile]


vcatobj copies the contents of one or more input files to an output file. All objects found in all input files (such as images, edge lists, and comments) are copied, in order, to the single output file.


vcatobj accepts the following options:
Prints a message describing options.
-in infile ...
Specifies one or Vista data files to be input.
-out outfile
Specifies where to write the output as a Vista data file.

Input files can be specified on the command line or allowed to default to the standard input stream. The output file can be specified by the -out option or allowed to default to the standard output stream.


All input files are read before the output file is written. The program vcatobj was originally be known as vcat, created by Art Pope.


Art Pope <[email protected]>