vcf-compare(1) compare bgzipped and tabix indexed VCF files


compare-vcf [OPTIONS] file1.vcf file2.vcf ...


About: Compare bgzipped and tabix indexed VCF files. (E.g. bgzip file.vcf; tabix -p vcf file.vcf.gz)


-c, --chromosomes <list|file>
Same as -r, left for backward compatibility. Please do not use as it will be dropped in the future.
-d, --debug
Debugging information. Giving the option multiple times increases verbosity
-H, --cmp-haplotypes
Compare haplotypes, not only positions
-m, --name-mapping <list|file>
Use with -H when comparing files with differing column names. The argument to this options is a comma-separated list or one mapping per line in a file. The names are colon separated and must appear in the same order as the files on the command line.
-R, --refseq <file>
Compare the actual sequence, not just positions. Use with -w to compare indels.
-r, --regions <list|file>
Process the given regions (comma-separated list or one region per line in a file).
-s, --samples <list>
Process only the listed samples. Excluding unwanted samples may increase performance considerably.
-w, --win <int>
In repetitive sequences, the same indel can be called at different positions. Consider records this far apart as matching (be it a SNP or an indel).
-h, -?, --help
This help message.