vcmiclient(1) A free reimplementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 engine.


vcmiclient [options]


This is the client program.

Starting... VCMI 0.98 - A Heroes of Might and Magic 3 clone Copyright © 2007-2014 VCMI dev team - see AUTHORS file This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Usage: Allowed options:

-h [ --help ]
display help and exit
-v [ --version ]
display version information and exit
-b [ --battle ] arg
runs game in duel mode (battle-only
--start arg
starts game from saved StartInfo file
runs without human player, all players will be default AI
runs without GUI, implies --onlyAI
--ai arg
AI to be used for the player, can be specified several times for the consecutive players
puts one default AI and the rest will be EmptyAI
automatically skip turns in GUI
disable video player
-i [ --nointro ]
skips intro movies
specifies we are the multiplayer server for loaded games
--loadnumplayers arg
specifies the number of players connecting to a multiplayer game
--loadhumanplayerindices arg Indexes of human players (0=Red, etc.)
--loadplayer arg
specifies which player we are in multiplayer loaded games (0=Red, etc.)
--loadserverip arg
IP for loaded game server
--loadserverport arg
port for loaded game server


  user data:   $HOME/.local/share/vcmi
  user saves:  $HOME/.local/share/vcmi/Saves
  user cache:  $HOME/.cache/vcmi
  user config: $HOME/.config/vcmi


Start multiplayer server, indicated players 0 and 1 (red and blue) are human players, control all AI players and player 0 (Red) from this client.

    vcmiclient --loadserver --loadnumplayers 2 --loadhumanplayerindices 0 --loadhumanplayerindices 1 --loadplayer 0

Connect to server at port 3030, but do not start a server there, and control player 1 (Blue) from this client. Do not control AI players from this client.

    vcmiclient --loadplayer 1 --loadserverip --loadserverport 3030


Report bugs to or [email protected]