vectoroids(6) A vector-based asteroid-shooting game written in libSDL.


vectoroids [options]


Use the left and right keys (or joystick) to rotate your ship. Use the up key (joystick fire-A) to thrust, and space (or joystick fire-B) to fire bullets.
Destroy all of the asteroids to progress to the next level.


Disables sound and music.
Runs in fullscreen mode, if possible.
Output help information and exit.
Output version information and exit.
Displays acceptable command-line options.
Displays copying information.


/usr/local/share/vectoroids/ - Sound, music and graphics data.
~/.vectoroidsrc - Paused game state and high score data.


Bill Kendrick <[email protected]> - Programming
Mike Faltiss <[email protected]> - Music

See "README.txt" and "CHANGES.txt" for full credits.