Vend::Form(3) Interchange form element routines


(no external use)


Provides form element routines for Interchange, emulating the old tag_accessories stuff. Allows user-added widgets.



Provides an easy ``Yes/No'' widget. "No" returns a value of blank/false, and "Yes" returns 1/true.


    name => 'varname' || undef,       ## Derived from item if called by
                                       # [PREFIX-options] or [PREFIX-accessories]
    type => 'yesno' || 'yesno radio', ## Second is shorthand for variant=>radio
    variant => 'radio' || 'select',   ## Default is select

The data array passed by "passed" is never used, it is overwritten with the equivalent of '=No,1=Yes'. "No" and "Yes" are generated from the locale, so if you want a translated version set those keys in the locale.

If you want another behavior the same widget can be constructed with:

        [display passed="=My no,0=My yes" type=select ...]


Same as "yesno" except sense is reversed. "No" returns a value of 1/true, and "Yes" returns blank/false.