verinfo(3) mlpack version information

mlpack versions in code

mlpack provides a couple of convenience macros and functions to get the version of mlpack. More information (and straightforward code) can be found in src/mlpack/core/util/version.hpp.

The following three macros provide major, minor, and patch versions of mlpack (i.e. for mlpack-x.y.z, 'x' is the major version, 'y' is the minor version, and 'z' is the patch version):


In addition, the function mlpack::util::GetVersion() returns the mlpack version as a string (for instance, 'mlpack 1.0.9').

mlpack executable versions

Each mlpack executable supports the --version (or -V ) option, which will print the version of mlpack used. If the version is not an official release but instead from svn trunk, the version will be 'mlpack trunk' (and may have a revision number appended to 'trunk').